Facing Down Negative Social Media

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  • Facing Down Negative Social Media

With all this coronavirus negativity lurking, just how likely is it an irate member will unleash online over a small incident at your club? Right. So you need to be ready for negative social media. How can you do that?

First, put a good plan in placebeforea problem arises.

  1. Create a clear social media policy for your employees. In the simplest terms, a social media policy is a guideline for how everyone should conduct themselves online.这是一个很好的模板和指导.
  2. Establish a gymphotography policy. Many larger national gyms have a“no photo”and “no video” policy. And while there’s no keeping phones out of today’s gym, well-placed signage and a written policy (possibly included in yourhealth club contract) can keep incidences under control.
  3. Actively engage in“social listening.”This is where you monitor brand mentions across media channels and watch out for changes in how people feel about your fitness center – you don’t want to find out 24 hours later that a negative post has gone viral. Not in a world where “more than aquarter of crises spread internationallywithin one hour.”
  4. 集中访问社交媒体帐户。构建强密码并限制了解他们的员工人数。该系统使员工留下工作后更容易响应社交媒体危机,并为您提供控制。

Then, actively monitor negative social media posts.

You should not ignore negative social media comments on your feeds. However, not all bad posts require a response. A general industry complaint can sit in the “observe” pile, unless or until the poster mentions your business directly. When or if that happens, it’s important to respond quickly, but carefully.

Although a lousy post can feel unfair, never respond in anger.

Taking any comment personally reflects badly on you and your business. Instead, practice a few deep breathing techniques, then post a short reply with the intent of taking it off social media. Invite the individual to email or call you directly. Don’t get pulled into a long conversation.

If the original comment made an incorrect statement about your business or policies, correct the information and try to engage directly through social media. A calm, neutral, concerned approach can deflate tempers.

If the negative posts keep growing…

A social media crisis needs to be addressed as soon as possible, in real time, or your inaction can cause it to worsen. And once the mentions get out of hand, it may not be possible to reply individually to everyone.

  1. Post a general company message acknowledging the problem or concern.
  2. Pause any previously scheduled posts to ensure their content does not unintentionally add fuel to the fire.
  3. Let relevant people in your business know what is happening.
  4. Consider releasing a more in-depth response – a press release, or an official statement by the fitness club owner via letter or video.
  5. 与负面海报一起在线参与,但没有被绘制成争论。相反,保持您的消息一致 - 指向您的官方声明。随着在线危机,人们正在观看,所以要保持冷静是很重要的。
  6. Communicate with your staff to ensure they do not unintentionally spread misinformation or rumors.

After the fallout


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