Five Secrets to a Great Gym Tour

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  • Five Secrets to a Great Gym Tour

Don’t lose out on selling a new customer! When a prospect first walks into your health club, they’ve thought about joining for six months. They’re scared and skittish, ready to leap at any chance to say “let me sleep on it,” or even just turn around and leave, while congratulating themselves on their bravery and effort.

Don’t let that happen. Here are five secrets to a great gym tour that are sure to increase销售并创造兴奋的客户加入您的俱乐部。


2。慢一点。Get to know your guest and keep notesIdeally, find a quiet place to sit and ask a few questions, but if not, it’s still easy to gather the basics up front.确定他们为什么在那里因此,您可以稍后使用它来克服异议和构建价值。If (or when!) they ask, early on, “How much is a membership?,” have a ready answer: “We’ve got plans for everyone’s budget, but first I’d like to make sure our gym is the right choice for you. Can I ask you…”


3.Put them on equipment.通过参与客户,您已经知道他们的兴趣。Bring them to that section of the gym first,并鼓励他们尝试设备。根据他们的需求,从几个提示或事实上消灭。一种知情的方法,将您的关系从销售人员/客户到教师/学生的关系。以下是整个旅游中使用的两个优秀,验证和真实的销售技术:

假设质疑- 这些被称为“假设关闭”问题。似乎您的客人哈丁健身房。例如,你可能会问:“你什么时候更有可能使用健身房 - Morningsor晚上?”

豪猪问题-这些反弹回客户的问题。Rephrasing a question allows you to evaluate their thought process and answer it correctly. For example, if a customer asks you, “Is it always dead in here?” you can ask, “Is a quiet gym what you’re looking for?” The bounce-back broadens the conversation and builds value in the client’s mind.

4.向其他会员介绍您的客人。这是一个简单而令人难以置信的举动。您的客户希望看到他 - 或她锻炼 -成功- 在你的工作室。这个常规(你知道的人)谈话)将给他们内部勺子,刺激归属感和射击动力。

5。保持注册简单。从他们走在门口的那一刻起,你一直在卖value,而不是价格。谈话专注于他们的愿望以及您的工作室如何帮助他们达到这些目标。基于价值的销售revolves around the proposition that what your product provides is worth the price you’re asking. So don’t mess it up at the end by getting all complicated.





▪ Bring in a manager if the customer says “no.” A pre-designed evaluation asking three or four questions can clear up any concerns and open the door to a second opportunity to sell a membership. Common questions focus on three areas of interest: employee professionalism, equipment quality, gym cleanliness. A great follow-up is, “Can you see yourself working out here?” This final question opens the door to pinning down the true objection, and many times, you’ve got a solution to that issue.



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