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As the owner of a gym, drawing in new members is a topic that will always be near the front of your mind. Successful business owners never truly stop marketing. Over the years, you have probably run your fair share of gym promotions, membership discounts, and group signup events.市场营销策略像这些经常 - 有很好的理由 - 弥补健身房广告活动的中坚力量。

However, sticking to these tried and true methods can feel a little stale after a while. Not to mention, if you neglect the technical and online sides of your marketing campaign, you are leaving dozens or hundreds of potential memberships on the table.




如果您的企业网站是没有达到标准,getting that on track应该是你的第一步。潜在的客户需要一个集中的地方,发现你的健身房,探索您在方便的格式提供的一切。





Ask for reviews and testimonials

Speaking of Yelp reviews, don’t overlook small things like this. Plenty of internet users check out reviews and testimonials on third party websites before they decide to try out a new business. Great Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews can help get potential members past the “online shopping” portion of choosing a gym and through your front doors.

Post videos online





A large segment of the population prefers to work out from the convenience of their own homes. These are not people you will likely win over with a creative marketing strategy targeted toward getting new people in the door of your facility. Instead of letting go of this demographic entirely, why not cater to their fitness needs with online workout videos?


Have a few of your expert fitness trainers create workout videos (try a “30 day bootcamp” style series that encourages viewers to stick around throughout the duration of a program) and offer them online for a small fee. Perhaps users could access the first video in each series for free, and follow along to the rest after they purchase an online course membership or pay a flat fee to view each video.

Start a scheduled social media campaign

Consistent, valuable content updates keep attention on your business. From videos to blog posts to general “exercise of the day” tips, keep your brand visible and in front of all of your followers by posting regularly. Use a social media scheduler to create your posts at your leisure and have them sent out to the world on a predetermined schedule.

Don’t forget newsletters! Members can subscribe to email updates to stay on top of gym news, events, promotions, tips, community highlights, and other valuable information.

Develop a business app


Apps make it beyond easy to…• Sign up for new memberships• Renew memberships with one click• View and print out class schedules• Sign up for scheduled gym classes• Request and schedule sessions with personal trainers• Receive workout reminders, tips, and motivation• Watch online workout videos included with their paid membership• Order brand merchandise• Communicate with staff• Give feedback• Apply to host events in your facility• Post in a forum for gym members to meet and chat with each other• Request additional services they would like to see your gym offer• Report safety hazards or maintenance issues they may have spotted• Implement any other features you feel like offering



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